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Does My Solar System Need Grounding And Earthing?

You might not need solar panel grounding and earthing if you have a rather small-scaled solar system in your house or office. But, if you have a system that power-ups the whole property, you need to invest in solar panel earthing and grounding at once. Solar system earthing and grounding will prevent your residential or commercial property from disasters due to power surges.


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Benefits of Solar Penal Grounding And Earthing:

Below are some compelling benefits of solar system earthing and grounding that you should know.


Your Panels Will Not Get Destroyed

The solar panels are magnetic, and lighting can always descend upon them. Once the lighting hits the panels, your electrical appliances and the inverter can get fried.


You Will Not Get Electrocuted

Honestly, no one likes to get shocked while doing electrical work. If your property doesn’t have to earth or grounding, the person is in the way of getting shocked.


No Fire Hazard

We all know that short-circuiting leads to fire, right? We’ve all seen this in movies; that is how the fire starts. But if your house or office has earthing, you can have peace of mind. The breakers will trigger, and the electric currents will move into the ground.


Discharge By Static Electricity

If your house is properly grounded, you will never have to face any problems regarding the static electricity build-up.


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Solar panel earthing is required to protect all the electronic equipment of the property against the excessive voltage supply due to high lightning strokes. The main objective of earthing for the solar system is to provide a safe path for excessive lighting and to keep the voltage gradient along the surface within the safe limit during any surge or fault.

For safety, earthing and grounding are highly recommended by all the solar panel services providers and the government. It might be optional in the residential sector, but solar system earthing is mandatory when it comes to the commercial or industrial sector.

Below are some known benefits of underground earthing that you need to know.

  • It protects the installed solar panels from high lighting.
  • It prevents any human casualties due to power surges.
  • It protects electrical appliances from damage.

High-voltage impulses are transmitted through the air into anything connected to the earth when lightning strikes. Charges always tend to follow low resistive paths. However, if your residential or commercial property is equipped with a light arrester, you have nothing to worry about because the charge will be neutralized due to earthing and undergrounding. If you still haven’t installed earthing on your property, it is highly suggested that you get them installed immediately because the monsoon season is just around the corner.